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 "This is truly awesome" !


From: Bill Pulling,  New York, N.Y.
"I think what you guys are doing is God work and i amd happy someone is stepping up and helping the homeless. Keep on doing the great work you do".

Film the Journey.Change the World.


There are over 49 million homeless people in this country & growing. Shelters, churches & providers run out of resources. City streets are over crowded. Meet them. You'll see that though they are Homeless, they are not Hopeless.

Springfield, Illinois, December 20, 2015         6:00 a.m. (24-hours to Movement)

Tragic loss of life crisis management:  We are committed to assisting the families in crisis as a result of a tragic event. We work in partnership with; City, County, State & Government officials to help all parties involved reach a positive resolve in your time of need.  

It all begins with "1". We are dedicated to work to end homelessness in our communities and cities throughout the nation. You too can help this movement reach those in need. Please donate today and offer up your prayer.

Fay Marie Sharp : Phoenix AZ.
A man named "Robert" and his dog, Achilles  were sitting in the heat in downtown Phoenix just melting in the sun earlier this morning. I was on my way to Starbucks before heading into the office.. I changed directions, and instead of Starbucks, I headed into Safeway to bless Robert and Achilles with dog food, dog bones, donuts, an ice cold coke, and a couple bucks.. I parked, got off my truck, and sat with Robert for a couple minutes to exchange conversation. He talked, I listened with a non judgmental ear. My heart went out to Robert and Achilles, it's 120 degrees in phoenix, the streets are so unkind. I'd like to think as we exchanged words and human touch that I helped out just a little. He kept saying "God Bless You" as I walked away, and my only response was "He already has, Robert" .. These people don't need someone to save them, they just need to know someone cares enough to stand in their corner while they save themselves.‪#‎MayLoveAlwaysBeTheReason‬.

Glenda R.
Love & Peace Always.​Friends and family & friends and family I would like to encourage you to consider making a tax deductible donation to this ministry 1-Love 1-Mission Movement. They are doing a mighty and powerful work out in the fields impacting the lives of those whom are less fortunate - the homeless. Pray and proceed as led, but by the grace of God.
Blessings amazingly and abundantly today and forever more. 

                 ...Our Prayer

​"Heavenly Father, please help us to touch the lives of many, and to change the hearts, of us all".



Please watch...this moment is worth your time. 

From, Michelle MaGee, Tampa, Fl.

" I would like to thank the 1-Love/1 Mission Movement for all their help when we had a emergency and we're unable to pay our rent for last month. Their support and prayer was amazing. Again thank you guys and because of your help we can get back on our feet and business as usual. They donated over $1000 in magazine placements for an extremely discounted rate to help us out, that meant the world to us, is shows real compassion from one business to another in need. If all businesses helped each other and operated this way the world would be a better place"!

Reverend, John Huxtable, First Christian Church, Virden, IL 
Today we embarked on a new ministry of outreach. FCCV joined with 1-Love 1-Mission Movement to give to those in need. This was all about acknowledging that all of Gods creation is a blessing and deserves to be seen and appreciated. I am so proud of the work that the church provided and all the donations that were given. We had a wonderful start to our mission first year. Looking forward to doing more as we go forward with the movement. Also I was reminded how blessed I am to serve First Christian Church in Virden thank you everyone for your hard work

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The 1-Love / 1-Mission Movement gives the homeless; hope, we give them love, handshakes, hugs, prayer, money and encouragement to go on another day. We remind them that 'they' are not forgotten. We seek to encourage others to join the movement by donating so that we can bless someone in need, or by going out into their own communities and doing the same. This is the most important work we have and will ever do. Our motto is; show kindness to everyone you meet, you never know when you may be keeping company with an Angel. 


Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.



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Watch part of this extraordinary journey in a film produced by Films 4-Life

Movement Testimony

Sarah B.
"Amazing" !




Your time spent volunteering and donating resources is important to those whose lives you touch. We film  outreach events to give you a glimpse into the world of the hurting people who benefit directly from your generosity and kindness.